How to win at casino

How to win at casino

  11 Oct 2018

casino beginners, you must come here, in the first and want to learn? How should we? It’s easy bonus. But the prize money should be used properly.
Part 1. How to earn online casino

Most online casinos offer different bonuses. This is the worst affected of the species:

1. Non-Library (free) in prize money. As long as registered, you do not look at the different deposit bonuses. At first glance, it is quite good, but these bonuses are mainly too small, it is not enough profit, due to poor conditions. By the way, is “free” list of bonuses here. I do not consider my article-based non-deposit bonus
2. Sticky bonus. These bonuses can not be withdrawed, they only used for games. In their efforts to raise funds, prize money is usually deducted from your balance. The bonus is not attractive to us.
3. Registration after bonuses. Or “prize money” or “welcome bonus. This is the most interesting, delicious and generous bonuses. Casino encourage you as much as possible in the first time. For example, you have to spend 100 U.S. dollars and get 100 yuan (bonus).
4. Monthly bonus. These are also very interesting for us.

Ah … we have basic types of authorized bonuses. Let me remind you that we are only interested in registration and monthly bonuses. But how to obtain bonuses? To withdraw money to bookmakers (tariff part of the sum). This amount depends on the size of a casino where you play, this is often vague description. As a bonus example: 100% sign-up bonus of up to 100 U.S. dollars. Wager requirement: 20 times the bonus. This means that if you spend $ 100 free access to 100 yuan. However, this freedom to withdraw 100 yuan, you will account for 20 * 100 = 2000 U.S. dollars bet. They call it “bet” requirements.

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