01 Mar 2021

IDN Poker tells are essential for a player as they give out additional information needed to make a decision. By noticing these tells, you’ll most likely save yourself from making a bad bet or make you a lot of money.

But how do you figure out the tells for an opponent you can’t see?


If you know what to look for, there is a lot of revealing information displayed on the screen that has nothing to do with an opponent’s personal style of play.


Take note of how long it takes your opponent to complete an action. Does it seem like they’re taking an extraordinary amount of time to make a decision? Or every decision? Chances are, they’re tanking.

Whether it be calling, bluffing, or raising, tanking players will often wait until seconds before their time-bank runs out.

It’s like they’re trying you trick you into thinking that they don’t have a good hand by taking their time to decide, but in the end, they’re only making it obvious that they do.

Typing in Their Bets

Ever played a game and noticed that an opponent had taken their time to type out a hilariously specific bet? They’re not bluffing.

Time is of the essence in order to observe the moves of other players. One would not take the time to type out exact bet sizes when they’re trying to bluff. If they were, they’d move as fast as possible, using their keyboard shortcuts.

If a person typed out that bet to the exactly, then they already calculated how much they’d win with the hand they’ve got.

If you see this and you’re on the fence between calling or folding? Fold.  That opponent is value betting, betting specifically to raise the amount of the pot.

Strange Buy-In Amounts

Regular players will often use common ranges for their buy-in sizes. These fixed buy-in amounts could be half-pot or pot-sized bets. But occasionally you’ll find a player who sits in for an unusual amount.

Well, that player probably bought in for their entire bankroll. Get involved immediately.

If they’re not someone who just wants to get rid of the rest of their pot, then you can label them a fish – a beginner or an inexperienced player. In either case, they’ll let you push them around and act timidly, or act more aggressively and lose their entire stack.

Do what you can to take their last cent.

Complaining About the Actions of Every Player

A player who bets more than the size of the pot is not bluffing.

Either your opponent was playing timidly during previous streets, and is now trying to make it up by overbetting. Or, the player has a very strong hand and is trying to buy the pot to goad you into calling.

If you think about it, it does make sense from a psychological stand-point. If a person wanted you to fold, they would bet just the right amount to make you hesitate. This often means betting the pot amount. Any player would think twice before losing that money over nothing.

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